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Telephone and telegraphic communications are the responsibility of the Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications, and Transport. Telephone service is limited to Kigali and a few other important centers and is primarily for business and government use; there were about 11,000 mainline telephones in use in 1999, with an equal number of cellular phones in use as well. The governmentoperated Radio of the Rwandan Republic provides domestic broadcasting service in French, Swahili, and Kinyarwanda; Deutsche Welle provides broadcasts in German, English, French, Hausa, Swahili, and Amharic. As of 2002 there were 3 FM radio stations and 1 national (government-owned) television station. In 2000 there were about 76 radios for every 1,000 people. The number of televisions in use is estimated at less than 1,000 nationwide. Internet access is limited, with one service provider serving 5,000 subscribers in 2001.

ARP, a French-language daily press bulletin containing news of government activities, had a circulation of 100,000 in 2002. Imvaho, a weekly, had a circulation of 51,000. La Releve, a monthly, reached 1,700. All of these are published by the government.

The Fundamental Law provides for freedom of the press. However, it is said that the government harasses and intimidates the media at any reporting of views contrary to its goals.

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