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Namibia's prime tourist attractions are game viewing, trophy hunting, and the scenic beauty of its deserts. In the west, Swakopmund is a Hanseatic-style resort town populated by Namibians of German descent. It is the center for tours of the nearby Namib dunes, and for visits to the wild Skeleton Coast to the north. In the south, the Fish River Canyon, 85 km (53 mi) long and 700 m (2,300 ft) deep, ranks second in size to the Grand Canyon.

European tourism is well developed, but the North American and Far Eastern markets are only now starting to grow. In 1998, Namibia had $288 million in income from tourism with over 500,000 tourists. There were 2,779 hotel rooms with 5,767 beds and an occupancy rate of 36%.

The estimated cost of staying in Windhoek in 2003, according to the US Department of State, was $115 per day. Other locations could be as little as $40 per day.

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