Morocco - Libraries and museums

The General Library and Archives (1920), located on the campus of Muhammad V University in Rabat, is the national library, with holdings of 600,000 volumes. Its notable collection of medieval books and manuscripts, of particular interest to Muslim scholars, contains 1,600 ancient manuscripts of famous Islamic writers, including an important treatise by Averroës and classical treatises on medicine and pharmacy. Of the 18 public libraries in Morocco, the largest is in Casablanca, with almost 360,000 volumes. The University Sidi-Mohomed Ben Abdelleh, in Fez, holds 225,000 volumes. There are various European and Colonial institutes through the country holding small collections.

The Division of Museums, Sites, Archaeology, and Historic Monuments of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs administers 11 museums in major cities and at the ancient Roman site of Volubilis, northwest of Meknès. In some cities, such as Fès and Marrakech, small houses of historic and artistic interest have been preserved as museums. There is a museum of popular Moroccan art at Tétouan.

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