Mali - Industry

Mali has a small industrial sector, mostly enterprises producing textiles and consumer goods. There is growing local demand for consumer goods. Textiles account for about 50% of export value. In 2001, industry accounted for 17% of GDP. In 2002, the government was undertaking a program of privatization and restructuring of state-owned enterprises.

Groundnut-oil, rice-polishing, fruit-preserving, sugar-distilling, tea, and cottonseed-oil and cottonseed-cake plants are in operation, as are slaughterhouses. Industrial facilities include a vinegar factory, a cigarette factory, a soft-drink plant, a flour mill, a shoe factory, a tannery, and two textile plants. Other plants make tiles, furniture, farm implements, batteries, paint, and cosmetics and assemble radios, bicycles, and motorcycles. There are a few construction related facilities, including a brick factory, a ceramics factory, and a cement plant. Mali has no known oil or natural gas reserves.

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