Mali - Foreign trade

Cotton, gold, and livestock are Mali's leading exports. Increased cotton production and rising world prices have increased foreign exchange receipts, as has increased gold production. The 50% devaluation of the CFA franc in 1994 helped boost cotton, livestock, and other exports but doubled the cost of imports. Comparing 1994 to the index year of 1987, export activity decreased by 5% while import activity rose by 10%. Machinery and equipment, construction materials, petroleum, foodstuffs, and textiles are imported.

Principal trading partners in 1998 (in millions of US dollars) were as follows:


Italy 55 25 30
Thailand 45 3 42
Belgium 7 52 -45
China (inc. Hong Kong) 5 54 -49
France 5 221 -216
Germany 5 28 -23
United States 4 28 -24
Côte d'Ivoire 2 234 -232
United Kingdom 1 29 -28
Senegal n.a. 47 n.a.
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