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Erosion, caused by deforestation and overgrazing, is a serious problem in Madagascar. Many farmers burn off their old crops at the end of winter and damage surrounding forests. By 1994, 75% of Madagascar's forests had been eliminated. Water pollution, caused mainly by sewage, is also a significant environmental problem in Madagascar: only 31% of the people living in rural areas and 85% of all city dwellers have access to pure drinking water. The nation has 337 cubic kilometers of renewable water resources with 99% used for farming activity and 1% used for domestic purposes. The nation's cities produce about 0.6 million tons of solid waste per year. The Ministry of Animal Husbandry, Water, and Forests is the chief government agency with environmental responsibilities.

As of 2001, 46 of its mammal species were endangered, as were 28 of its bird species and 255 plant species. Endangered species in Madagascar include the Alaotra grebe, Madagascar pochard, Madagascar fish eagle, and seven species of lemur. There are five extinct species, including Delalande's coua and the great elephantbird.

Worldwide trade in endangered and extinct species, estimated at between $10 and $20 billion in 1996, has created a market for Madagascar's exotic snakes and tortoises. The looting and smuggling of these species has decimated animal habitats and caused severe ecological harm.

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jamie weibel
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Jan 24, 2009 @ 10:22 pm
i live in canada and the animals here are way diffrent then in madagascar. it is really amzing to see all the diffrent types of animala you have there in madagascar! i am doing my sciencs fair project on madagascar this for for my grade 8 englisg course , what i fouded with when i was learning about this amzing island that i was more intereasted into a place like that than something we have that i could learn about in one day !! when thanks for every thing bye- bye!
friends from canada
Jamie weibel
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Dec 8, 2009 @ 3:15 pm
this provided really good information for a school piece of homework i was doing it helped thanks guys!
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Sep 17, 2010 @ 2:14 pm
Thanks this really helped for an 8th grade letter I'm writing. about how this all relates to Duyukta.
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Oct 3, 2010 @ 5:17 pm
Great information, it helped with a big project!!! THX :)
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Oct 13, 2010 @ 6:18 pm
What are some wildlife presrves there? I can't find any anywhere and I need them for my school project due in like two days! SOMEONE HELP ME!!!
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Mar 14, 2011 @ 8:20 pm
i think it was very helpful for my social studies project yes it was
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May 14, 2011 @ 2:14 pm
Thanks again you guys are always helpful to me. Expcially when I have this social studies project that I need to find the five themes of geography for four different countries (malawi, Madagascar, Lestho, and mozambique)one down one half done and two more to go again thanks a lot
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Apr 25, 2012 @ 9:09 am
What is Madagascar doing locally though to help with their environment and biodiversity problems?
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May 7, 2012 @ 9:09 am
Thanks For all The Help I had a Social studies project to do on (Madagascar)>
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Apr 12, 2015 @ 5:17 pm
this really helped for a day before project. especially with what caused the deforestation so thanks very much
Anna Claire Smith
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Nov 10, 2016 @ 8:20 pm
This really helped me on my project for school and I learned a lot from this article.
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Jul 13, 2017 @ 3:03 am
Hello, fellow students! I have been studying hard during my holiday and now it is almost time for me to go home.
Maybe I will visit Madagascar one day.

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