Libya - Local government

Jamahiriya means, "state of the masses," and politically implementing this system would involve a process of total decentralization of power, whereby all decisions would be left to the citizens via direct democracy. In 1998, the GPC divided Libya into 26 governorates (Sha'biyah), each to be headed by the secretary of a people's committee. There are municipal people's congresses, as well as vocational, production, professional, and craft people's congresses. Although in theory Qadhafi plans to decentralize power to the 380 popular congresses, most decisionmaking power is tightly controlled by the central government. The municipal people's congresses appoint people's committees to execute policy.

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May 19, 2011 @ 3:03 am
Due to my point of view i can see that Libya does not allowed any person with pasport to come in. That is some people do have the permission to go inn and acording to what i heard that this Libya is also strong when you talks of discrimination & beside i will like to know the numbers of L.G.A this Libya are having?

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