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The early settlers, freed American slaves, brought with them the culture and religion of the US deep South of the slavery era. Their descendants are adherents of the principal Protestant denominations, of which the largest is the Methodist Church. In 2002, it was estimated that about 40% of the population practice Christianity or elements of both Christianity and traditional indigenous religions. Christian denominations include Lutheran, Baptist, Episcopalian, Presbyterian, Roman Catholic, United Methodist, African Methodist Episcopal (AME), AME Zionists, and several Pentecostal churches. About 20% of the population practice Islam. Mandingo traders, who live mainly in the northern and eastern counties, have made many Muslim converts and Egyptian and Pakistani Muslim missionaries have been active since 1956. About 40% of the population practice traditional indigenous religions exclusively. Veneration of ancestors forms the core of most Liberian traditional religion. There is also a small Baha'i community.

Though the law prohibits religious discrimination, there have been reports of violence and discrimination against Muslims and Islamic leaders complain of both social and political discrimination.

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Liberia is the only west African nation that was never a colony
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