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The legal system is closely modeled on that of the United States. The 1984 constitution provides for the establishment of a Supreme Court consisting of a chief justice and four associate justices, to be appointed by the president from a panel recommended by a Judicial Service Commission. The consent of the senate is required for these appointments and for the confirmation of lower court judges, to which a similar procedure applies. In theory, cases originate in magistrates' courts and may be taken for appeal to one of 10 circuit courts or to the highest court. Serious cases originate in the circuit courts. Traditional courts are presided over by tribal chiefs. A labor court was created in 1986.

For many years, the judicial system has suffered from corruption and domination by the executive. By mid-1990 the system had collapsed and justice administration was co-opted by the military commanders of various factions. In 1991, the Interim Government of National Unity (IGNV), began to revive the court system in the Monrovia area. The National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL) has also begun to reopen the courts in the areas under its control. Since 1997, donors have trained paralegals and human rights monitors to protect citizens up-country. The US Department of Justice has rebuilt magistrate courts, compiled 30 years of Supreme Court decisions, and published the Liberian Code so that judges and lawyers have recourse to legal reference works. However, the renewed outbreak of civil war has halted these efforts.

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the jury system of is understood that the system has been from 1990 up to present,thus it is a system where the chief justic is appointed by trhe president with two associate justic to spear held the wen tire affair of th tempo of justic 0f the is the responsibility of the court to implement the law to the fullest.
I actually want to know the powers of the legislature with the appropriate legal citations.
Texler Jalarjue
1. Can you please help me with the organizational chart of the Judicial System?
2. The list of all courts under the Supreme court of Liberia.
Henry K. Wokolo
The Liberian Judicial System, despite frantic efforts made by the International community to overhaul it, by evidance of the ongoing reform process initiated by partners and donors needs lot more.

Inspite of efforts made over the years, many alledge criminals are kept in jail with out trial against their right to free and speedy trial as mandated by the Constitution of the republic. of recent, those alledge criminials arrested in Grand Gedeh County are yet to be brought before a court of compent jurisdiction in total violation of the organic law of the state.

Seperately, the Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law, the only law degree granting institution in the country is yet to put mechanism into place as it relates to admitting more students who are desirous of been future lawyers.This situation needs urgent attention if the reform process is to yeild fruit.
Anthony Sheriff
what is the effectiveness of the magisterial court in Liberia?
Is the Judicial system truly functioning in protecting the rights of its citizens in Liberia?
Kolee B Salay
the Justice system need revitalization and rehabilitation to be complied to others justice system.
Peter Y. Gbargee
Name the Judiciary varies court and their function.

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