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Situated on the eastern coast of Africa, Kenya lies astride the equator. Its total area, including 11,230 sq km (4,336 sq mi) of water, is 582,650 sq km (224,962 sq mi), with a maximum length of 1,131 km (703 mi) SSE NNW and a maximum width of 1,025 km (637 mi) ENE WSW . Comparatively, the area occupied by Kenya is slightly more than twice the size of the state of Nevada. Kenya is bounded on the N by Sudan and Ethiopia, on the E by Somalia, on the SE by the Indian Ocean, on the S by Tanzania, and on the W by Lake Victoria and Uganda, with a total land boundary length of 3,477 km (2,161 mi) and a coastline of 536 km (333 mi).

Kenya's capital city, Nairobi, is located in the southcentral part of the country.

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