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There are 2,880 km (1,790 mi) of highways in Equatorial Guinea, none of which were paved in 2002. The chief ports are Bata and Mbini in Río Muni and Malabo and Luba on Bioko. Bata, modernized in the 1970s, can accommodate up to four vessels of 20,000 tons each. There is regular service between Malabo and Bata. In 2002, 6 merchant ships (1,000 GRT or over) were in service, totaling 14,413 GRT: 3 cargo, 1 passenger, 1 bulk, and 1 passenger-cargo.

Bata's airport was the first major air transport facility. Malabo's airport was raised to jet standards in 1964 and became the focus of regional air services. A landing strip was built on Annobón in 1968. As of 2001, there were still only 3 airports, 2 having paved runways. Air transport between Bata, Malabo, and Douala, Cameroon, is provided by Equatorial Guinea Air Lines (Algesa). There is international air service to Gabon, Nigeria, Morocco, and Spain. In 1997, 21,000 passengers were carried on scheduled domestic and international airline flights.

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Can you please update the information on this profile to give the world the present situation of roads in EG. The information above was from 2002. Let's have 2011 update, that will show the level of development in the country especially on road constructions and other infrastructural projects. EG is an oil rich nation that her citizen is entitled to every benefits that comes from the oil proceeds. Thanks.

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