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Each island has a ringed road, and there were some 880 km (547 mi) of roads in 2002, with 673 km (418 mi) paved. There is an international airport at Hahaia, on Grande Comore; other islands have smaller airfields. There were a total of four airports, all with paved runways, in 2001. Air Comores (51% owned by Air France) provides regular interisland flights. Air France and Air Madagascar provide service to Madagascar; Air Mauritius provides service to Mauritius; and South African Airways makes a weekly stop. In 1997, 83,000 passengers traveled on international and domestic flights. While there is no merchant marine, there is regular ship service between the Comoros and Madagascar. There is a year-round port at Dzaoudzi, off the island of Mayotte. Until recently, the other ports, at Moroni and Mutsamudu, could accommodate only small ships; larger vessels had to anchor offshore and be loaded and unloaded by dhows. Expansion of the port of Mutsamudu to allow direct access to Anjouan was completed in 1985.

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Sep 22, 2012 @ 3:03 am
If I want to Invest in Marine transport (speed boat) in Comoro Islands what Process am I supposed to follow .I am Comorian I know there is a problem in marine transport
Mohamed Issa Bob
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Sep 22, 2012 @ 3:03 am
At the moment how many boats plying within the Islands and capacity.

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