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Many of the libraries in Chad are the small private collections of research institutes in N'Djamena. Among the largest are the Chadian National Institute for the Humane Sciences, with 3,200 volumes, and the Educational Documentation Center, with 3,300. Other notable libraries include the University of N'Djamena with about 12,000 volumes, the French Cultural Center in N'Djamena, with 12,000 volumes, and the United States Information Agency, also in N'Djamena, with 3,000 volumes.

The National Museum in N'Djamena was founded in 1962 and has an excellent collection on the natural history, archaeology, and ethnography of Chad. The Museum of Abeche, which was founded in 1962 and formally opened in 1984, features an ethnographical collection. Fort Lamy houses the country's premiere historical and public affairs museum with exhibits chronicling its fight for independence.

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I am trying to find out what happend to the goodwill moon rock that the United States gave to Chad 1973. Does anyone know if it is still in courntry? Or perhaps a private person now has it. If so perhaps they would be willing to sell it? I would be much intersted. Thank you kindly

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thank you for this article i really needed this for my country report
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I am working on a project about chad and this helped me so much Thank you!!

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