Solomon Islands - Social development

A National Provident Fund covering certain categories of wage workers provides old age, disability, and survivor benefits in lump-sum payments. This program is financed from worker and employer contributions. Employers cover the cost of workers' compensation. The Employment Act mandates that employers pay dismissal indemnity of 2 weeks' wages for each year of employment. The bulk of organized welfare services are provided by church missions. In small villages and outlying areas, assistance is traditionally provided through the extended family.

Although women are accorded equal rights by law, their role is limited by customary family roles in most Solomon Islands societies. Due to cultural barriers, a majority of women are illiterate, which contributes to a general shortage of employment opportunities for women. Domestic abuse and violence are common.

The government generally respects the human rights of its citizens. However, the armed conflict between rival militias has resulted in the deterioration of human rights.

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