Mongolia - Tourism, travel, and recreation

In 2000, approximately 158,205 travelers visited the MPR from abroad. Despite the birth of multiparty democracy in the 1990s, Mongolia has not encouraged tourism. Tourist facilities are in short supply, and prices are high.

Points of interest include the Gandan Lamasery in Ulaanbaatar and the ruined city of Karakorum, once the capital of the Mongol Empire. Mongolia offers abundant and varied scenery, including forests, steppes, lakes, and deserts, and a wide variety of wildlife. Traditional sports in Mongolia include wrestling, archery, and horse racing.

The estimated cost of staying in Ulaanbaatar, according to the US Department of State, was $183 per day in 2000. In small towns and villages, daily expenses are much lower, perhaps even less than $50 per day.

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