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A typical rural home for a large family consists of one to three rooms plus an outside kitchen. Slums and tenements are typical of urban life since there is an acute shortage of adequate housing. At last estimate, more than 75% of all housing units were detached houses; nearly 20% were flats; and less than 5% were duplexes. Owners occupied 65% of all dwellings; nearly 25% were rented; and less than 10% were occupied rent free.

The Ministry of Housing and Settlements has developed a five-year plan for 2001-2006 to promote housing construction, land development, and the upgrade of squatter sites. One goal of the plan is to build 30,000 new housing units within the five years. The Ministry also hopes to upgrade 2,000 squatter dwellings per year.

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Jun 9, 2011 @ 12:00 am
What is the most recent figure for allocation of housing?

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