Lithuania - Country history and economic development

200 B.C. Baltic people settle in the area that is now Lithuania.

1200s A.D. The Lithuanian tribes become united in a loose political confederation.

1236. The Lithuanian state is founded by Duke (later king) Mindaugas.

1386-1795. Lithuania and Poland are united as a single country.

1387. Christianity is established in Lithuania.

1410. Teutonic knights are defeated by joint Lithuanian-Polish forces.

1569-1795. The Lithuanian-Polish Commonwealth (Lublin Union) occurs.

1579. The University of Vilnius (the oldest university in the Baltics) is founded.

1795-1915. Lithuania is under tsarist Russian rule.

1915-18. Lithuania is occupied by Germans during World War I.

1918. Modern Lithuania's independence is declared.

1921. Lithuania is admitted to the League of Nations.

1939. The Nazi-Soviet Pact divides Eastern Europe between Germany and the USSR.

1940. Lithuania is occupied by the USSR.

1941-44. Lithuania is occupied by Nazi Germany.

1944. Soviet occupation and re-imposition of the Soviet rule on Lithuania occurs.

1944-56. Armed resistance occurs against the Soviet occupation of Lithuania.

1957-87. Covert resistance occurs against communism with religious and secular dissent.

1990. Lithuania declares re-establishment of independence, a mortal blow to the USSR.

1991. Lithuania is admitted to the United Nations.

1993. Last Soviet troops withdraw from Lithuania.

1994. Lithuania becomes a member of NATO's Partnership-for-Peace Program; the nation becomes an associate member of the EU.

1997. The government undertakes a wide-scale privatization program.

1999. The EU agrees to initiate discussions to allow Lithuania to enter the organization.

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