Mongolia - Future trends

By 2001, Mongolia was able to achieve macroeconomic (large-scale, overall) stability, although at the very high cost of growing poverty and inequality. It will likely take another decade before the country achieves full recovery from its transition from state control to private control of the economy. Mongolia's future is uncertain because of its geographical isolation, difficulties in attracting foreign investors, growing debt, and increasing dependence on international humanitarian assistance. Global climate changes may threaten the very existence of agriculture and animal husbandry in Mongolia. However, Mongolia should be able to depend on its strengths in exporting raw materials, and it has potential oil fields that could also contribute to export earnings—if oil field development receives the necessary investments. Moreover, private enterprise has proved surprisingly strong, outperforming state-controlled industries in head-to-head competition. As more private businesses gain experience and financial strength, the Mongolian economy should become more diversified and stable.

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May 10, 2011 @ 11:23 pm
what do you think about Mongolian future will be. What education is very portent in Mongolia.

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