Bahrain - Infrastructure, power, and communications

Bahrain's infrastructure is modern, and the government is currently forging ahead with several major projects. These include constructing a new water distribution network, upgrading the Sitrah power and water station, and expanding other water, power, and waste-treatment facilities. Bahrain invested heavily in its infrastructure during the years of the oil boom, but the demand for water and electricity already taxes available capacity, and the expansion of the present facilities is a major priority.

The country's road network, with 2,433 kilometers (1,511 miles) of paved roads, is excellent. The low fees of Bahrain International Airport, located on Al-Muharraq Island, have turned it into a regional hub. The principal port, Mina' Salman, handles most of the country's general cargo, and petroleum products are loaded at the Sitrah jetty. A national bus company provides public transport throughout the populated areas of the country. There are no railways in Bahrain.

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