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In 1999, the labor force was estimated at 156,000. The unemployment rate was 9 percent by 1998 estimates. Except for members of the police, military, and fire departments, under the constitution of the Bahamas all workers have the right to join unions. About 25 percent of the workforce are unionized, but for workers in the hotel industry the rate is closer to 50 percent. Children under the age of 14 are not allowed to work during school hours or in industrial jobs, and those under the age of 16 may not work at night. There is no national minimum wage, but government employees earn a minimum of

Household Consumption in PPP Terms
Country All food Clothing and footwear Fuel and power a Health care b Education b Transport & Communications Other
Bahamas 32 4 5 3 8 9 41
United States 13 9 9 4 6 8 51
Jamaica 24 7 3 1 9 8 48
St. Lucia 40 5 11 4 17 11 11
Data represent percentage of consumption in PPP terms.
a Excludes energy used for transport.
b Includes government and private expenditures.
SOURCE: World Bank. World Development Indicators 2000.

US$4.12 per hour. The working week is limited to 48 hours and there is mandatory overtime pay for hours that exceed this limit.

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Apr 30, 2014 @ 10:22 pm
I am planning to take a trip soon an this really helps to get an insight as to what I am to expect when I get there. But post pictures please.

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