The Gambia - Industry

Industry (including manufacturing, construction, mining, and power) in the Gambia is quite limited. It contributed an estimated 14 percent of GDP in 1998 and about 10 percent of the total labor force was employed in the industry at the 1993 census. Industrial GDP increased at an annual average rate of 1.0 percent a year in 1990-98, with growth estimated at 5.2 percent in 1998.

Manufacturing is a significant sub-sector of industry. It contributed an estimated 6 percent of GDP in 1998 and employed about 6 percent of the labor force at the 1993 census. It is dominated by agro-industrial activities, most importantly the processing of groundnuts and fish. Manufacturing GDP increased at an annual average rate of 1.1 percent between 1990-98, and the sector's GDP increased by an estimated 2.4 percent in 1998. Beverages and construction materials are also produced for the domestic market. Although seismic surveys have suggested existence of petroleum deposits, the Gambia's mineral resource base is economically unviable and deposits of kaolin and salt are to date unexploited.

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