Sudan - Future trends

The future of Sudan is uncertain. Even though Bashir won 2 democratic elections, the opposition to his government seems to be growing. His main opponent, Turabi, boycotted the elections in 2000 and is actively seeking coalitions with other strong leaders, including Sadiq al-Mahdi and John Garang. The coalition of more parties and more autonomy for the south is necessary for any kind of positive development in the future.

Sudan has an urgent need for foreign direct investment. Without it, Sudan will hardly be able to survive. Sudan needs to stop its isolationist policies and seek cooperation with other countries. Even though the government is seeking such changes, it is unlikely that much improvement will happen under the current government. It is more likely that the government of Sudan will change and open the country to relative democracy and a more open economy.

Sudan has experienced some positive changes: it has improved relations with its neighbors, mainly Egypt and Libya, and mutual cooperation agreements have been signed with these countries. In addition, the country has started to cooperate with the International Monetary Fund, and the economy is implementing liberalization and privatization policies. Sudan's focus on these policies combined with more oil extraction and exploration are the most encouraging trends for future.

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Jun 27, 2018 @ 7:19 pm
Sudan future will be succefull if connected with UK in everything. The reason us its a fatal matter.
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Sep 1, 2018 @ 7:19 pm
But who would invest in the place where businessmen with holding Koran in one hand and kife in another, climes to be your friend, just to stab you in the back, take money and go to pray ?
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Sep 2, 2018 @ 6:18 pm
It has nothing to with religion it's just people and traditions cos it was always military country so people acting like soldiers obsessed with security and lacking trust. Everyone wants to know everything about everyone and is extremely suspicious. I wouldn't recommend to my enemy living in Sudan and in fact everyone wants to leave Sudan. The problem is that these people take national habits with them wherever they go. I was lucky to be born outside but my parents act like Sudanese family even tho they spent years in France. Very friendly on the surface, helpful and so on but talking behind back, lying and manipulation is just beyond what I saw anywhere else even in a very backward countries in Africa. Whenever I go to see family in North Sudan I feel like someone constantly trying to trick me and expect that I have to believe it otherwise he or she feel insulted cos it would mean he or she is a lier. But remember that Sudan was very isolated for more than 2 dacedes and people not see themselves clear in a social mirror. It's hard to expect it to happen immediately, it takes long time.
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Sep 4, 2018 @ 7:19 pm
Future of Sudan depends on Sudanese people. When I was there for the 1st time I learned CNN is utter utter nonsense when they talk about Sudan and I steel believe so. People are super open and want to make friends with me. That gives me some sort of security. Everything has change when I enter business people because it turned out almost everyone is running some dark business ! I never invested my money in Sudan but I know plenty of 'hawajias' who lost literally everything in Sudan because of local business-traps.
I will never forget one Ethiopian political refugee who has been staying in Sudan since 1986 after he was refused to live in his homeland and choose Khartoum over Cairo. He said that since then every coming year was just worse and worse and people became criminal and dangerous when it comes to business and it seems to be accepted like a standard.
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Sep 9, 2018 @ 6:18 pm
No comments about Islam here, I got enough of it here in Paris suburbs ZUS with impressive Sudanese growing community.
This people should focus in building them own country and all they do is just burning them own place and move to another.
We travel through east Africa last year and yes people are nice but it is pointless... Everyone just want to leave, noone want to work. You see some old british folks trying to scam you here and there. Local people with more brain who learned the class, they go to Europe, Saudia and China to practice. Hopeless place...

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