Seychelles - Country history and economic development

1756. France takes over the uninhabited islands.

1814. Great Britain establishes control, administering from Mauritius.

1903. The Seychelles become a Crown Colony.

1964. The socialist-oriented Seychelles People's United Party (SPUP) is established.

1976. Republic of Seychelles declares its independence within the Commonwealth. The first constitution is introduced.

1976. Sir James Mancham of the right-center Seychelles Democratic Party (SDP) becomes president.

1977. France Albert Rene stages a coup.

1977. The SPUP is renamed the Seychelles People's Progressive Front (SPPF).

1979. Second constitution is introduced, making the Seychelles a one-party political system; Rene is elected president; Seychelles rupee is linked to the IMF's special drawing right (SDR).

1981. Attempted overthrow of socialist government by mercenaries disguised as tourists.

1985. The first 5-year National Development Plan (NDP One) is introduced.

1986. Attempted coup by former Minister of Defense.

1991. Return to multiparty political system.

1993. Third constitution is adopted; Mancham returns from exile after legislative elections.

1995. Economic Development Act (EDA) introduced in attempt to attract offshore financial services; establishment of the Seychelles International Trade Zone (SITZ).

1997. Abandonment of the fixed link between the Seychelles rupee and the IMF's special drawing right (SDR).

1998. Rene and his supporters win in legislative elections.

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