Botswana - Future trends

Botswana has remained peaceful and democratic since independence in 1966, and, with the opening of diamond mines in the 1970s, the country has been economically prosperous as well. Botswana has managed to invest its diamond revenues carefully, but still relies heavily on the export of diamonds for most of its revenue. This is likely to be the case for some time, though the Botswanan government is trying to diversify the economy by encouraging manufacturing industries to locate in the country. This strategy has met with mixed success. Botswana is likely to compete with South Africa for much of the manufacturing employment in the region. The Botswana government remains committed to its twin goals of economic diversification and balancing the budget.

Regional political instability, especially in neighboring Zimbabwe, but also in South Africa and Angola (where a civil war is still raging), will have an impact on Botswana, especially as refugees move into the country. However, given its political and economic history and its current policies, Botswana is likely to remain one of the most prosperous African countries.

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