Algeria - Country history and economic development

1830. France occupies Algeria and begins to lay down the economic foundation of its colony.

1933. Anti-French political protests begin and continue through 1956.

1950. Ahmad Ben Bella founds the Revolutionary Committee of Unity and Action (Comité Révolutionnaire d'Unité et d'Action—CRUA), later renamed the National Liberation Front (FLN).

1962. After a guerilla war, Algeria gains independence from France. The Democratic and Popular Republic of Algeria is formally proclaimed. First President Ahmad Ben Bella forms country's first cabinet since independence.

1963. President Ben Bella declares that all agricultural, industrial, and commercial properties previously operated and occupied by Europeans are vacant, legalizing their confiscation by the state.

1970. The first Four-Year Plan emphasizing capital-intensive heavy industry is adopted.

1971. President Houari Boumedienne launches an agricultural reform plan calling for the seizure of additional property and the redistribution of the newly acquired public lands to cooperative farms.

1976. Boumedienne drafts the National Charter; the constitution is promulgated.

1977. Boumedienne's death sets off a struggle within the FLN to choose a successor. Colonel Chadli Bendjedid is sworn in on 9 February 1979.

1980. The First Five-Year Plan (1980-84) and Second Five-Year Plan (1985-89) aiming at diversifying the economy are adopted.

1985. The 1985-89 Four-Year plan places greater emphasis on agriculture and decreased central planning.

1987. The Ministry of Planning is abolished.

1988. Popular protests break out; government declares state of emergency.

1989. New constitution promising pluralism is adopted. Abbassi Madani and Ali Belhadj found the Islamic Salvation Front.

1991. Government cancels national elections. FIS wages rebellion against the state.

1992. Parliament is dissolved.

1999. President Bouteflika announces national reconciliation plan to end the civil conflict.

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