Tajikistan - Rise to power

Rakhmonov's rise to power was meteoric, boosted by his clan and political links to the Kulyabi paramilitary leader and exconvict Sangak Safarov, his relationship with ex-president Nabiyev, and the opportunity for upward mobility presented by civil war. After Safarov shot the previous chairman of the Kulyab regional government, Rakhmonov was installed in the post. Three weeks later, he was selected by the Communistdominated Supreme Soviet as its chairman when they met in exile in Khojent. Rakhmonov was further considered an attractive candidate for the chairmanship because of his Communist Party ties and his hard-line position against reconciliation with the opposition. After the Communist forces retook Dushanbe at the end of 1992, the Rakhmonovled Supreme Soviet was able to return to the capital.

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