Palau - Leadership

Remengesau is well liked by the people of Palau, who, at the time they elected him considered him the candidate most likely to continue giving them the comforts and prosperity of the Nakamura administration. He was known to have served Nakamura with great dedication, and he is regarded as action-oriented and as a visionary. Although young, Remengesau has demonstrated that he approaches politics in a practical, comprehensive manner. He also reveres his country's traditions and customs, and has said that as Palau's democracy matures, he will continue to include the High Chiefs in the national power structure. (The Council of Chiefs advises the president on matters concerning traditional laws and customs. It is made up of the highest traditional chiefs from each of Palau's 16 states.)

In Remengesau's view, Palau is changing; and he believes that part of that change must be a greater role for women in politics, medicine, business, and other professions. He sees the election of his vice president Sandra Pierantozzi, as representative of what women can contribute to the future of Palau and has appointed her as minister of health. His personal views on women's roles, however, may run into trouble in this nation whose traditional customs support discrimination on the basis of social status and sex.

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