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Lokendra Bahadur Chand was born 15 February 1940 in Baitadi District, in the far western region of Nepal. He was educated at Tri-Chandra College in Kathmandu and then went to India for higher education, earning graduate degrees in law in 1966. Chand was a volunteer teacher and a Red Cross committee member. In 1967 he was a founder of the Mahakali Sewa Samaj social service group. His social development interests led him to become involved in politics as a local and district official. He then was elected to the House of Representatives of Nepal in 1974.

In addition to his political career, Chand is a noted author of essays, short stories, poetry, and plays, often with a humorous, satirical tone. His short-story collection, Visarjan, is especially well-regarded, and he has won literary awards. He is the recipient of the Order of the British Empire from the British Government. Chand is married to Subhadra Dibeswary Chand, and they have four sons and three daughters.

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