Nepal - Leadership

Although meant to be an elder statesman who could bring the country together in his fourth term as prime minister, Chand has faced relentless challenges regarding his legitimacy from antiroyalist politicians and the public. Street demonstrations were organized by major political parties such as the Nepali Congress Party and drew thousands to protest against the king and his new prime minister. With parliamentary elections suspended by the king, it was unclear how long Chand's interim government was to last. King Gyanendra was not a popular monarch and his taking the reigns of government caused outrage in much of Nepal. Chand was criticized as being the puppet of a corrupt aristocracy. Most Nepalese political parties continue to favor a ceremonial, powerless monarchy, and King Gyanendra's actions have increased calls from the left for outright abolishment of the monarchy. The call for an end to royalty in Nepal has been most strident from the Maoist insurgents, who remain Chand's biggest challenge and threat.

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