Rainier III
Chief of State


(pronounced "ray-NEER")

"I would like to be remembered as the person who corrected and got rid of the bad image and bad legend of Monaco."

The Principality of Monaco is a celebrated European microstate. The enclave is 21 km (13 mi) from Italy on the Mediterranean coast, surrounded on three sides by France. Its total area is 1.81 sq km (0.70 sq mi). As the second-smallest independent city in the world after Vatican City, it had a estimated population in 2003 of 33,396, 85% of whom are foreigners. Although French is the official language, Monegasques native to the principality speak their own language, a combination of French and Italian. English and Italian are also spoken. In terms of ethnic composition, the population is 41% French, 17% Monegasque, 16% Italian, and 25% other. Roman Catholicism, the official religion, is practiced by 95% of the population, although freedom of religion is guaranteed by the Constitution. Monaco is extremely prosperous and provides full employment for its nearly 32,000 residents plus another 25,000 jobs for French and Italian commuters. Gambling, conference facilities, banking, real estate, and tourism account for much of the principality's earnings.


Palais de Monaco
Monte Carlo
Principality of Monaco

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