Péter Medgyessy
Prime Minister


(pronounced "PEH-tar MEHD-yeh-shee")

"The European Union is our nations' answer to war and destruction. It is our answer to the political and economic challenges posed by globalization. And above all, it is the political unit that complements the historical, cultural and economic ties linking the nations of Europe."

The Republic of Hungary lies in the Carpathian Basin in the heart of central Europe. To Hungary's west lies Austria; to the north, Slovakia; to the east, Ukraine and Romania; and to the south, Serbia, Croatia, and Slovenia. Hungary's area is approximately 93,010 sq km (35,919 sq mi).

Hungary has about 10.1 million inhabitants as of 2002, of which approximately 90% are Hungarian, 4% are Roma (Gypsy), 3% are German and about 2% are Serb. The capital is Budapest, with a population of about 2 million. About 67% of the population is Roman Catholic; some 20% are Calvinist; and 5% are Lutheran. The principal language is Hungarian, a Finno-Ugric language, spoken by about 98% of the people.

The national currency is the forint . Hungary's primary industries include machinery, transportation equipment, textiles, and pharmaceuticals. It also produces many agricultural goods such as meats and produce.


Office of the Prime Minister
1055 Budapest, Kossuth Lajos tér 1-3.
Budapest, Hungary 1054

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