Guyana - Personal background

Bharrat Jagdeo was born at Unity Village, East Coast Demerara on 23 January 1964. "Bharrat" means "India" in Hindi. His mother gave him this name in honor of his ancestral homeland. Jagdeo is from a simple, working-class family. His father was a railroad worker. His mother, a housewife and farmer, had the task of raising her six children. Jagdeo attended the Gibson Primary School and then proceeded to the Mahaica Multilateral School for his secondary education. He was successful in the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) and the General Certificate of Education (Advanced Level) examinations. He then returned to his local primary school for a short teaching stint. In 1984, Jagdeo was awarded a scholarship to pursue studies in Moscow. He graduated from Moscow's People Friendship (Patrice Lumumba) University in 1990 with a master of science degree in economics. Shortly after completing his studies, Jagdeo returned to Guyana and began working for the government. Jagdeo and his wife, Vashnie, were married in 1998.

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