Grenada - Leadership

Mitchell is generally viewed as an astute and competent leader who has brought some political unity to Grenada. He praised the contributions of the TNP and the GULP and has also lauded the social contributions of the PRG. In the wake of his overwhelming victory at the polls, he exhibited a statesman-like humility. On the other hand, there has long been personal animosity between Mitchell and Democratic Labor Party leader Francis Alexis. The death of Eric Gairy and the fact that the GULP allied with Alexis during the 1998 election has soured relations between Mitchell and that party. In general, political divisions among the elite appear to have been heightened in recent years. In January 2001, a new opposition party, the United Labor Congress, emerged, calling for the resignation of current government leaders on the grounds of corrupt practices. Although there is no significant parliamentary threat, the opposition has shown increased activity since April 2001. Mitchell appears to be preparing to hold elections in 2003, although according to the Constitution elections are not due until 2004.

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