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Marc Forné Molné became Executive Council president in 1994 when the General Council removed Oscar Ribas Reig on a vote of confidence motion. Forné (the custom in Andorra is to use the second name as the last name) was born on 30 December 1946, in La Massana. He received his education at the University of Barcelona, Spain. He was trained as an attorney and worked in his family law firm from 1974–94, where he practiced criminal and real estate law. He also served as editor of a magazine for 11 years. Like most Andorrans, Forné is a practicing Roman Catholic. He has been active in Andorran political life since the 1970s, but restrictions on political organization meant that he and other political figures in Andorra kept a low profile until the passage of the Constitution in 1993. In that year he founded the Liberal Union Party, later renamed the Liberal Party of Andorra (PLA). He was elected to Parliament in 1993 and a year later became head of government.

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