United Nations Bibliography - Apartheid

Assembly accepts credentials of South African representatives after 24 years; deletes item on elimination of apartheid from its Agenda , UNDPI document, GA/8682.

Elimination of Apartheid and Establishment of a United Democratic and Non-racial South Africa, General Assembly document, 21 June 1994, A/48/L.58.

Progress Made in the Implementation of the Declaration on Apartheid and its Destructive Consequences in Southern Africa, Secretary General, General Assembly document, September 1991, A/45/1052.

Recent Developments on the Issue of Apartheid in South Africa (III); Upcoming Milestone: Democratic Parliamentary Elections, UNDPI document, March 1994, DPI/1469.

South Africa's Democratic Elections: The UN's Observer Role, UNDPI document, March 1994, DPI/1469.

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