The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) - Purposes

As set forth in the World Meteorological Convention, the purposes of the WMO are sixfold:

  1. to facilitate worldwide cooperation in the establishment of networks of stations for meteorological, hydrological, and other geophysical observations and to promote the establishment and maintenance centers charged with the provision of meteorological and related services;
  2. to promote the estabishment and maintenance of systems for rapid exchange of weather information;
  3. to promote standardization of meteorological and related observations and ensure uniform publication of observations and statistics;
  4. to further the application of meteorology to aviation, shipping, water problems, agriculture, and other human activities;
  5. to promote activities in operational hydrology and cooperation between meteorological and hydrological services; and
  6. to encourage research and training in meteorology and, as appropriate, to assist in coordinating the international aspects of such research and training.

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