The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) - Budget

The regular program budget for the 2000–01 biennium was US $132.9 million, financed from assessed contributions of member states. Most costs of expert advice, equipment, and other forms of technical assistance, in partnership with and at the request of developing countries, are met by the UNDP, for which UNIDO is an executing agency. Special UNIDO projects use the Industrial Development Fund (IDF), established in 1976 with a "desirable funding level of US $50 million annually." In 1999, project approvals under the IDF amounted to US $22.4 million and trust funds totaled US $14.8 million. Project approvals under the Montreal Protocol program amounted to US $31.9 million. UNIDO annually awards about 200 contracts valued at about US $20 million. Spending on training in the form of fellowships, study tours, and group training annually amounts to about US $14 million.

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