The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) - Budget

For the biennium 2002–03, the General Conference approved a regular budget of US $544,367,250, which represented zero nominal growth. At the same time, the organization has increased financing for its programs while reducing administrative costs. US $94,091,700 was for Education; US $51,867,600 was for Natural Sciences; US $28,582,200 was for Social and Human Sciences; US $43,849,900 was for Culture; US $33,064,600 was for Communication and Information; US $32,471,200 was for General Policy and Direction; and US $201,999,000 was for program execution and administration.

UNESCO's budget is financed through contributions assessed against member states on a sliding scale. For the biennium 2002–03, these assessments ranged from a minimum of 0.01% of the total amount to 25%. UNESCO receives funds from other specialized agencies of the UN system—mainly UNDP, UNFPA, UNEP and the World Bank—and regional banks for operational assistance to member states.

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