Agencies of the United Nations System - The agencies in chronological order—with effective dates of establishment

Universal Postal Union 1 July 1875

International Labor Organization 11 April 1919

International Telecommunication Union 1 January 1934

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations 16 October 1945

World Bank (originally International Bank for Reconstruction and Development) 27 December 1945

International Monetary Fund 27 December 1945

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization 4 November 1946

International Civil Aviation Organization 4 April 1947

World Health Organization 7 April 1948

World Meteorological Organization 23 March 1950

International Atomic Energy Agency 29 July 1957

International Maritime Organization 17 March 1958

World Intellectual Property Organization 26 April 1970

International Fund for Agricultural Development 30 November 1977

United Nations Industrial Development Organization 1 January 1986

World Trade Organization (formerly General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade) 1 January 1995

The arrangement of articles on the United Nations related agencies follows the order of the chart on the Structure of the United Nations System shown in the first chapter. Each article is structured in the following sections: Background, Creation, Purposes, Membership, Structure, Budget, Activities, Bibliography.

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