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Ukraine, which inherited part of the former USSR system, had about 9.4 million telephone lines in 1999. Cellular phone service is available in at least 100 cities and there were an estimated 236,000 subscribers in 1998. The State Committee for Radio and Television controls broadcasting. There are four radio networks headquartered in Kiev, including one for foreign broadcasts and one solely for news. Ukrainian TV also broadcasts from Kiev. As of 1999 there were at least 25 local radio stations and 33 television stations. In 2000, there were 889 radios and 456 television sets for every 1,000 people. In 2001, 260 Internet service providers were serving 750,000 users.

Among the leading daily newspapers (with 2002 circulation) are: Holos Ukrainy ( Voice of Ukraine , 768,000); Pravda Ukrainy (358,300); Demokratychna Ukraine ( Democratic Ukraine , 311,300), Nezavisimost ( Independence , 228,000); and Uryadoviy Kuryer ( Official Courier , 200,000).

The constitution and a 1991 law provide for free speech and a free press. Criticism of the government is said to be tolerated, though some journalists practice self-censorship because of occasional pressures from the government.

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