Ukraine - Libraries and museums

The National Parliamentary Library of Ukraine in Kiev holds 3.9 million volumes. Other large collections include the V.G. Korolenko State Scientific Library with 6.7 million volumes and the libraries at Lviv Polytechnic University (three million), Franko State University in Lviv (2.5 million), Shevchenko Kiev University(2.7 million), and Kiev Polytechnic Institute (2.5 million). In 1995, there were reported to be 21,857 public libraries operating in Ukraine with an overall stock of 336.7 million books.

Kiev has the Kiev Museum of Western and Oriental Art, the Kiev State Museum of Russian Art, the Kiev State Museum of Ukrainian Art, and the State Historical Museum. There is a Museum of Fine Arts in Lugansk. Lviv houses the State Museum of Ethnography and Arts and Crafts and the Literary Museum of Ivan Franko. Odesa is home to the Odesa State Museum of European and Oriental Art, the Odesa Art Museum, and the Odesa Archaeological Museum.

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