Spain - Energy and power

As of 2002 Spain was Europe's fifth-largest electricity market. Production of electricity in 2000 reached 210.3 billion kWh, as compared with 45.9 billion kWh in 1968. Fossil fuels accounted for 56.8%, hydropower 12.5%, nuclear power 27.8%, and other sources 2.9%. Per capita consumption increased from 420 kWh in 1955 to 3,545 kWh in 1993. As of 2000, consumption was 201.2 billion kWh. As of 2002, Spain had nine nuclear reactors in operation; the Vandellos-1 reactor was shut down in July 1990. Increased use of coal and natural gas for thermal plants is also envisioned, and increasing attention is being paid to solar energy. Known coal reserves were estimated at 728 million tons. Endesa, one of Spain's largest electricity companies, announced in 2001 that it would build a natural-gas-fired 400 MW combinedcycle generating plant in Huelva by 2004.

In 1964, oil was struck near Burgos, and in 1971, offshore deposits were located near Amposta, in Tarragona. In 2001, Spanish wells were producing an estimated 21,000 barrels of crude oil per day. Consumption, however, totaled 1.5 million barrels daily. Oil represented 73% of Spain's primary energy consumption. Natural gas accounted for over 11% of primary energy consumption in 1999, up from 2% in the 1970s. Gas consumption in 2000 was estimated at 17.3 billion cu m. The Maghreb-Europe pipeline carried its first gas delivery to Spain in 1996.

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