Slovenia - Energy and power

In 2001, total installed electrical capacity was 2,664 million kW. Production in 2000 amounted to 12,800 million kWh that year, of which 34.9% was from fossil fuels, 29.4% from hydropower, 35.4% from nuclear power, and less than 1% from other sources. Consumption of electricity in 2000 was 10.6 billion kWh. Slovenia is relatively well supplied with hydroelectricity; about 30% of total generation in 1998 came from hydropower. Several thermal plants and one nuclear power plant also supply electricity. Slovenia imports oil from the former republics of the USSR and the developing world to supply a refinery at Lendava. Coal is mined at Velenje. Natural gas is used extensively for industry and is supplied by the former USSR and Algeria via 305 km (190 mi) of natural gas pipelines.

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