Slovakia - Transportation

There were some 3,660 km (2,274 mi) of railroads in 2002, primarily consisting of the Bratislava-Koice route.

The road system totaled 17,710 km (11,005 mi) in 2002, 17,533 km (10,895 mi) of which were paved, including 288 km (179 mi) of expressways.

As an inland country, Slovakia relies on the Danube, 172 km (45 mi), for transportation of goods. Bratislava and Komárno are the major ports on the Danube, which connects with the European waterway system to Rotterdam and the Black Sea. In 2002, Slovakia's merchant fleet was comprised of three ships, totaling 15,191 GRT.

Slovakia had 34 airports in 2001, 17 of which had paved runways. Air service in Slovakia is conducted primarily through M.R. Stefanik Airport at Bratislava. In 2001, 43,100 passengers were carried on scheduled domestic and international airline flights.

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