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Agriculture engaged 9% of the economically active population in 1999. The total cultivated area in 1999 was 1,605,000 ha (3,966,000 acres), or 33.3% of the land area. Agriculture accounted for about 4% of GDP in 2001.

Barley and hops are important agricultural exports; fruit, wine, and seed oil are also produced for export. Important crops in Slovakia in 1999 (in thousands of tons) included: wheat, 1,207; barley, 761; corn, 779; potatoes, 384; rye, 74; and sugar beets, 1,408. In 1999, 25,067 tractors and 4,445 combines were in use.

During 1980–90, agricultural production grew by an average of 1.6% annually. During 1990–2000, agriculture increased by an annual average of 1.2%. Cereal production in 1999 was only 71% of the average during 1989–91.

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