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In the mid-1990s, Serbia and Montenegro had 250,400 ha (618,500 acres) of national parks, of which 159,600 ha (394,200 acres) were in Serbia, and 90,800 ha (224,300 acres) were in Montenegro. The largest two of Serbia's five national parks are Djerdap (64,000 ha/158,000 acres) and Sar planina (39,000 ha/96,000 acres). Montenegro has four national parks; the largest are the Lake of Skadar Basin (40,000 ha/98,800 acres) and Durmitor (39,000 ha/96,300 acres). Serbia has dozens of spa resorts such as Vrnjacka Banja, Mataruska Banja, Niska Banja, Banja Kovilaca, and Bukovicka Banja. Yugoslavia has seven UNESCO natural area and heritage sites.

In 2000, 239,000 tourists arrived in the country. There were 37,371 hotel rooms with 76,608 beds and a 22% occupancy rate in 2000. That year receipts from tourism totaled $26 million.

According to 2001 US government estimates, the cost of staying in Belgrade was $188 per day. The daily costs elsewhere in the country averaged $151.

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