Serbia and Montenegro - Location, size, and extent

Serbia and Montenegro, formerly known as Yugoslavia, is situated in southeastern Europe along the Adriatic Sea. The country extends over the middle of the Balkan Peninsula and along the southern tip of the Pannonian Plain. The total area is 102,350 sq km (39,518 sq mi). The entire country is slightly smaller than the state of Kentucky. Serbia and Montenegro is bordered on the N by Hungary, on the NE by Romania, on the E by Bulgaria, on the S by Macedonia and Albania, on the SW by the Adriatic Sea and a narrow strip of Croatia, on the W by Bosnia and Herzegovina, and on the NW by Croatia; total land boundary length is 2,246 km (1,396 mi) and the coastline is 199 km (124 mi). There are territorial disputes with Bosnia and Herzegovina over Serbian-populated areas.

Serbia and Montenegro's capital is Belgrade, situated in northcentral Serbia.

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