San Marino - Social development

A social insurance system provides pensions for old-age and disability. Survivorship benefits are payable to an unemployed widow or widower and discontinue upon remarriage. Employers, employees, and the government all contribute to the system. There is universal medical coverage and maternity benefits of 100% of earnings for five months. All employees and self-employed persons have work injury insurance.

The law mandates that women have equal access to employment opportunities, and in practice women face little or no discrimination in employment and in pay. Women actively participate in all careers including high public office. In 2000 Parliament approved a measure that gives women the same rights as men to transmit citizenship to a spouse or child. Laws protect women from violence, and instances of spousal abuse are infrequent.

The government is committed to protecting human rights. Prisons meet international standards and are open for inspection by human rights monitors.

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