San Marino - Libraries and museums

In the capital city is the Biblioteca di Stato, containing a library of some 110,000 books, documents, and pamphlets. There is also a museum in Borgia Maggiore devoted to objects connected with Garibaldi's stay in the republic. The Palazzo del Valloni also houses the state archives, as well as a collection of rare coins and medals. The State University has a small collection of 23,000 volumes. The Palazzo del Governo (built in 1894) and most other large buildings in the capital are of comparatively recent date, but many monuments have been rebuilt in an earlier style. In 2001, there were 10 museums in the country. One of them is devoted to the postage stamps of San Marino and other countries. The National Gallery of Modern Art is also in San Marino. The 14th-century church of San Francesco has paintings by several minor masters. The three old fortresses of Guaita, Fratta, and Montale are situated on the three pinnacles of Mt. Titano.

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