Romania - Organizations

Economic organizations concerned with Romania's internal and external economic activities include the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania. In 1992 the Council for National Minority Affairs was formed for the discussion of minority issues. The organization helps the government formulate policies favorable to the minorities of the country. The body is headed by the Secretary General of the government. Representatives from 16 officially recognized minorities groups and 12 government ministries make up the organization.

There are also many cooperatives in key sectors of the economy. Many Romanian farmers belong to the private Farmers' Federation. In total there are 4,000 farming cooperatives and 41 district unions. A large cooperative located in the manufacturing and consumers sectors of the economy is the Central Union of Commerce and Credit Cooperative. In total, there are over 2,500 production and 850 credit cooperatives. Another important cooperative is the Central Union of Handi Craft Cooperatives. There is also an active Association for the Protection of Consumers.

The Romanian Academy was founded in 1866 to promote public interest, education, and research in scientific fields. Civitas Foundation for the Civil Society, established in 1992, sponsors community development and social programs promoting an open, democratic society. Other social action groups include the League for the Defense of Human Rights in Romania and the Women's Association of Romania. The Red Cross is active.

National youth organizations include the Free Youth Association of Bucharest, the League of Students, National Union of Independent Students of Romania, Romanian Council of Churches-Youth Unit, The National Scout Organization of Romania, and YMCA/YWCA.

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